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1. Rights of private schools/parents of children/ of orphans Title IX
2. My Lease
3. Help for my case
4. Royalty check too complicated
5. Salt water spill
6. Damages caused by fire and explosion at salt water disposal wells
7. Understand my rights to plan reclamation based upon state laws and lease
8. Salt water spill damages

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He quit his North Dakota practice in 2001. After 25, he took a 7 month leave to travel in Germany and Kazakhstan to teach science and sculpt.

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A Letter From Fintan L. Dooley

On the subject of the discipline, I want to face it and do so by accepting the discipline after all it is almost 20 years old. Here are a couple of aspects I would like to have addressed. To be disciplined is proof of sonship as opposed to illegitimacy. It's a biblical thought.

The underlying Workers Compensation Bureau's hostility to me was founded upon my two of my lawsuits against the State of North Dakota discrimination against unwed mothers, one of whom was a Native American.

After settling cases against third parties as opposed to the employers who had caused death in one case and devastating injuries in another. I pressed on against the State for that discrimination. I admit that I wanted a leading case and I had more than one which made me have an egotistical view of myself to the hero of the downtrodden.

To my dismay both of the women abandoned the cases. Those two cases and my successful service of a child molester all prompted grievance proceedings which astounded me and many who were witnesses in those proceedings. It sufficient to say I should have quit aspiring to be a hero.

Perhaps, these sentences to the end of this email are useless. I offer them to you in hopes to having a head-on discussion on my website which is useful for anybody who wonders why did he fight on.

I don't have any doubt they were exhausted by the cases against the companies which caused the death of a common-law husband in one case and permanent disability and drug addition of another common-law husband. One of the Supreme Court Cases vindicated my contract as appropriate and erroneously stated that the funds were not in a trust account when in fact they were. That hostility and waste of funds by the Workers Compensation Bureau were opposed by the Attorney General but he didn't assert himself and it went on to waste my time and exhaust me.

The next recorded case falsely accused me of making a disclosure of client facts. So, what do I do with this after nearly 20 years? I took cases no one else would take for dependent common-law wives. In retrospect, I might better have simply said, in the late 90s, "Perhaps you should go seek another counsel because I am worn out."

In fact I was wore out and I did quit for 8 years.

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