Chapter 13

Do you really need a chapter 13? Do you have ready access to the attorney who will appear with you at the first meeting of chapter 13 creditors? Will he or she even answer the phone or are you stuck at the secretary desk?

Chapter 13’s Plans ought to be developed aggressively to favor you, the Debtor. Failure to do so results in dismissals of cases for change of income or unexpected financial reverses frequently caused by medical expenses, reduction in hours or job loss. Many Chapter 13 filers are directed to national advertisers who are not legal service providers but local attorneys to appear at the Initial Meeting of Creditors. In the handoff of you, the Chapter 13 Client from the national advertiser of services to the local attorney, there is an inevitability, your plan is submitted missing key facts. The key facts are failures to draft a Pro Chapter 13 Debtor Plan which anticipates the financial reverses just referenced here above.

When you call in old fighter Dooley, you will appear in court with the attorney with whom you have already had frequent access. He will show up well-informed. Your fax situation will have been researched aggressively. Attorney Dooley will fight for you as he has for hundreds of others in bankruptcy court since 1976.