Designing Your Pipeline Easements And Making Sure Your Business Protective Provisions Are Enforced.

As of 2015 North Dakota has 20,000 miles of collector pipelines or salt water, gas and oil. Because of the Bakken’s unconventional drilling, North Dakota farmers and ranchers are soon to be burdened with not 20,000 but 50,000 miles of collector pipelines.

The oil industry has captured North Dakota government and day by day takes advantage of that position of influence to avoid the consequences of failed pipelines and minimize damages incident to clean up.

Technology now allows point-to-point monitoring of fluids and gases moved by pipelines from point of the input to the point of output. Nevertheless, the North Dakota petroleum Council has and continues to resist regulations requiring the expenditure monies required to accomplish the design construction maintenance and monitoring of pipelines informed to the American oil industry’s own best practices.

North Dakota farmer/rancher who acts as his own counsel should expect to be deceived. The wise will sleep better, assured that secret threats of condemnation will never influence their decisions. The wise farmer or rancher should never worry about the cost of a good plan or help in the negotiation of an easement. It is a cost that will be borne by the pipeline company.

Stewardship ought to be the standard. No farmer should permit placement of a pipeline for shipment of natural gas or salt water on the less it is designed and built to state-of-the-art standards and monitored by an independent third-party.

Every salt water line or natural gas easement ought to be include an aerial survey prepared by the farmers own counsel, the Dooley Law office. Dooley’s family has pilots galore. Two have passed and are part of the great cloud of witnesses. Three still serve the military. As of June 2015 we expect to provide aerial photography via drone surveys. Engaging Dooley will strengthen the landowner’s position in pipeline negotiations.

The better pipeline contractors and operators in North Dakota already espouse stewardship. With Dooley on your team expect the corporate agents to be serious and respectful.