Hold Industrial Companies Accountable for Environmental Damage

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Did a saltwater spill ruin your land? Or maybe your land's natural resources were poisoned. If you want to hold the responsible company accountable, turn to industrial accident attorney Fintan L. Dooley in Bismarck, ND.

He'll assemble a team of scientists, appraisers and surveyors to back up your case. Most notably, he worked with Joseph A. Vogle Jr. to win the United Plainsmen vs. The North Dakota Water Conservation Commission case. If you're ready to seek the compensation you deserve, reach out to environmental law attorney Dooley today.

What damage can an industrial accident cause?

Companies in the oil, coal mining, farming and ranching industries have a responsibility to dispose of resources correctly, and extensive damage can be done if they try to cut corners. Environmental law attorney Dooley has taken on cases involving:

  • Poisoned water and air
  • Chemical explosions on oil wells
  • Negligence that resulted in injuries or death to bystanders

Trust an experienced lawyer to handle your case. Set up a consultation with industrial accident attorney Dooley today.

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