Mineral Owners: Are You Receiving The Royalties You Deserve?

Our team of mineral lawyers and certified petroleum accountants can review your leases, your monthly payments, forced cooling order and the unitization agreement. We can usually accomplish this in one hour.

There Are Several Ways That Oil Companies Avoid Payout And Short You In Royalty Pay.

The Dooley Law has handled several cases involving inaccurate royalty pay. Who should hire our team? Surface owners who have permitted their land to be used for disposal of salt water and are paid on a per barrel basis should hire an experienced attorney to sort through the mass amount of data and explain what you deserve. The team at Dooley Law has experience with salt water disposal owners who have even had their gauges altered so that the true quantity of salt water disposed of is not disclosed. These companies can use many tactics to avoid paying land owners what they are owed. It’s best to have an experienced team on your side.

Our royalty accounting team includes Mary Ellen Denomy, of Grand Junction Colorado. Mary has been honored by the Colorado mineral owners Association for her ferreting out $180 million worth of unpaid mineral royalties.

We also have mineral law expert and former Elkhart Indiana District Judge, William D. Bontrager, on our team. Our courageous judge has been unfriended by British Petroleum. His work in Southwest Colorado has disclosed all that BP has done to dishonor its lessees. Judge Bontrager does not turn aside from confronting those who abuse of positions or power.

Protect your rights! Protect your pocketbook! Don’t let big oil take advantage of you!

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