Professional Discipline

It is written in Hebrews 12:8 If ye be not chastened, and everyone is, then you are not legitimate.

Day by day I live with potential clients questioning my ethics. I thank my Lord that I am not a bastard, I am His adopted brother!

Despite my adoption, my January 2001 one month suspension was so painful I closed my practice. I closed before the suspension occurred intending never to practice advocacy of the wounded again.

We moved to Milwaukee. First, I studied Arabic. Then resumed teaching. For 5 years I taught science and art. This time my students were not farm ND kids but parentless African-American kids and better parented Latino kids in the slums of Milwaukee. My last school was a Muslim school called Clara Mohammed.

After I reported the identity of two of my students as witnesses to a Milwaukee murder to the District Homicide Investigator, I was laid off. After a year of unemployment, I took the Wisconsin and North Dakota Bar Exams. I passed.

I returned to practice and immediate sued the City of Milwaukee for suppressing the First Amendment Rights of Missionaries to the Pre-born. We won.

I successfully vindicated the parental rights of a mother whose spanked her children for repeatedly endangering themselves in a historic farm home undergoing restoration. After the fourth successful hearing, the tough Mother’s children were returned to the vigilant disciplinarian. Child abuse criminal charges were dismissed and she won an apology from the last judge. That judge urged my client to sue the St Paul Children Center Psychologist who offered her credential to justify taking the children from the only parent they knew.

Cases involving fights with the government are not money makers. Those who are abused by government or spouses are not wealthy.

Why sue the government?
Why do domestic abuse cases?

Both sets of clients are likely to strike retaliatory blows at their own lawyer. That is why lawyers refuse such cases.

Why serve the wounded? Because this is who I am:

  • I am an old Irish brawler,
  • an angry plebeian
  • a US Army paratrooper
  • an inveterate advocate
  • a former catholic seminarian
  • a servant of the Lord.

My first intervention was on the playground as a first grader protecting for little girls being thrown off the Reeder, ND merry go round by Big Georgie Wood.

Thank you for wondering about my discipline.

There are many encouraging scriptures that incite me to be a voice for the widows and contend with abusers, whether they be corporate , governmental or individuals. My wife and I agree we will not contend with clients who do not want to pay.

Our work is a gift. If ever the spirit of the Lord prompts them to pay hal la luya!

My six Constitutional victories are my greatest delight though they do not pay.

  1. Free text books are a right for all public school children.
  2. All the water in North Dakota is subjected to the Public Trust Doctrine.
  3. State worker compensation commissions are constrained by the prohibition against cruel and excessive punishments.
  4. Exercise of parental judgment on the necessity of spanking is a fundamentally protected right.
  5. The police cannot suppress assembly and speech on sidewalks near abortion clinics.
  6. Unmarried dependent mothers deserve the same support as married women who husbands are disabled or killed.

Two more constitutional cases are underway:

  1. Mineral and surface owners may not have their properties’ values diminished or taken without due process and compensation.
  2. Legislators my not give away public trust minerals.

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