Public Notice To Mineral Owners

Surface and Mineral Owners: Take Notice!!

$33 million of Federal Cares Act funds are about to be spent on just 376 of the thousands of the geriatric oil wells that dot and too often corrupt your land. The North Dakota Industrial Commission intends begin a race with the clock to plug and reclaim sites of just 376 of the thousands of leaking and uneconomic oil wells before December 31, 2020. Thousands more need to be plugged, many are on your land. Beware, don’t be rushed. It is your surface estate. Your voice must be heard because, always haste makes waste. The race to reclaim the site present risks of a further taking, actually a condemning of more of your property. Think of minimally or long unproduced and out of compliance wells. Their long existence displays the NDIC’s decision to pick economic winners. Day by day the original well owners and state decision makers take your surface estate and give it to oil industry speculators. Your property has been and will be condemned without compensating you until you assert yourself. You have not yet been but can be made whole. Really? Mostly? Partly? Just try. Give the courts a chance to compel remediation or award just compensation.

Eminent Domain Veteran, Natural Resource and Constitutional Lawyer, Fintan Dooley invites you study well plugging video clips and a power point demonstrating reclamation of brine poisoned land. Your salt-contaminated land is sick. Dooley is the coordinator of the Salt Contaminated Land and Water Council , a 501(c)(3) Educational and Stewardship Entity.

Access a collection of Video Clips on Well Plugging, Remediation Power- Point ,see the steps and real cost of healing the soil. Go to:

Read land owner testimonies and State Geologist Ed Murphy’s paper,” Leachate” diagramming how oil field brines leach brine laterally and vertically. Spills are not contained on site. That’s right brine spills are not contained because clay berms do not stop dissolved sodium chloride.