Resource Conflicts: Discovering And Describing The Dimensions Of The Contamination Of Your Land And Water

Whether the source be oil-well produced saltwater, gas leaks or breaks in oil pipelines, in 1936 the American Petroleum Institute Committee on Contamination published warnings to American oil companies, “Do not to dispose saltwater, brines, or produced waters into small or poorly drained watersheds .”

In the 50s American oil companies came to North Dakota and violated their own association’s instructions. For almost six decades, North Dakota oil companies involved in the conventional oil industry, that is straight up-and-down wells, have dumped salt water produced in shallow online pits. These pits contain on average hundred and 50 tons of salt. Prevailing wet conditions have caused these deposits of subterranean salts to leech latterly in vertically.

The northern tier of North Dakota counties have lost productivity and tax base involving thousands of acres of private land. Associated watersheds and aquifers, all of which are public property owned in common by the citizens of North Dakota, have been contaminated by oil field salts and chemicals associated with drilling and production operations. The counties with the largest acreages of contamination are Bottineau, Renville and Divide.

The unconventional drilling of the Bakken continues to expose private property to contamination by saltwater. Although the modern pit is supposed to be lined, frequently the minor is broken because of lack of due care in its creation, use and closure. Other sources of salt water are failed pipelines or explosions on sites where salt water and oil are separated.

Dooley Law office has 30 years’ experience in water law. Typically these endeavors involve engagement of hydro geologists, soil chemists and plant scientists.

By mounting sophisticated cameras on drones we can now detect where leaks have occurred, the danger that solve or chemical plumes will spread. By frequent overflights using drones we can accurately describe contaminations that have existed for 50 years just as we can describe those which have occurred last week and which are in danger of continuing to spread . In these efforts Dooley relies upon his family members to whom our helicopter pilots and one of home is in line to be the first operator of commercial drone detection of salt and oil contamination .

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