Paul Sorum

Fintan Dooley helped me when I needed an advocate most. I was oppressed by a well heeled real estate developer who drilled a well and began to set up a pumping station on my front yard. The City purposefully misconstrued an easment to avoid ordering the developer to plug the well. I plugged the well myself and faced the wrath of the Association of Well Drillers who, with the acquiescence of the Water Commission, attempted to fine me for pluggging a well without a permit.

Dooley sued and we resolved the case profitably. He defended me aggressively and we corrected the missconduct of the City and the Association of Well Drillers.
He ended a trespass and stopped a team of unfaithful public servants from perpertuating an injustice.

He fought for me. He does not give up. I am so thankful for his help.



I knew I would need a determined bankruptcy lawyer when one of our creditors threatened to repossess our equipment and then sued us in an out of state court. With the fear and loss of not only your business, but your home and your social standing, the idea of filing chapter 7 was absolutely terrifying!

What a horror, but sometimes it has to be done. Your frame of mind is confused as you adjust your thinking to the upside world of bankruptcy exemptions. We turned to attorney Fintan Dooley and his legal team for hope and guidance.

Fintan was kind and very compassionate right from the start. He listened carefully to every word as I spoke and unraveled the seemingly impossible situation we found ourselves in. He said he has done this work since 1976 and right away I
could see how experienced he was as he set my mind at ease.

He helped us to understand the chapter 7 process when we were confused and worried. He came to our business and home and took dozens of pictures. We obtained statements of value from appraisers of real estate and personal property. As the case proceeded there were threats of legal action from some determined creditors which Fintan successfully backed off.

With honesty and comfort we finally stated values for our home, business and property. We gave back property to the secured creditors and kept what they abandoned and did so legally. Most importantly, with attorney Dooley's help, we did what needed to be done to save our home from the trustee who originally had said it had too much equity. I would encourage anyone facing a complex financial hardship to speak to attorney Fintan Dooley. He has the experience to help you save your home and property!